When you see the word, “recruiter,” what do you think of?
For plenty of folks, the iconic image of Uncle Sam saying, “I want you” to potential military recruits comes to mind. Others might imagine slick representatives for a university looking to tempt star athletes to play for their team. Maybe your brain goes immediately to an employee digging through a mountain of resumes in a company’s HR office.
In truth, these are all technically correct! Recruiting can mean a lot of different things to a wide range of industries. At the end of the day, a recruiter is anyone who finds individuals to fill open positions on working teams. In the case of recruiters working for a staffing agency or workforce solutions company, these individuals are helping multiple organizations (their clients) fill a number of roles on their teams all at once.
For example, a recruiter might find five resumes for an open phlebotomy position through one client, interview three candidates for a medical billing job for another, and connect with a third client to learn more about their pharmacy technician needs – and that’s all before lunch!
From sourcing resumes to coordinating background screenings, to hosting a variety of interview types, recruiters work hands-on with jobs seekers and employers alike to connect the best candidates possible to open opportunities. With the amount and variety of the work involved in recruiting, individuals interested in this area of work possess a wide range of skills, including a knack for organization and top-notch communication skills.

Have You Ever Considered a Career in Recruiting?

In hopes of sharing what job seekers can expect from a job as a recruiter, Kristen – Medix’s Executive Director of Field Operations for Delivery – joined the Impact Podcast for our latest expert interview! Her years of experience as a recruiter give her unique insight into what makes a good recruiter successful, which skills job seekers should focus on developing, and how to get started in this exciting (and often misunderstood) career path.
Tune into episode 17 of the Impact Podcast below. Then, stick around in the comment section below to share your thoughts about this episode’s featured job – recruiter!

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