There is quite the laundry list of mistakes you can make as an interviewee.  You show up too early.  You show up too late.  You are underdressed.  You are over-perfumed.  You talk too much about one thing, and not enough about another.  You appear too timid.  You appear overly confident.  And the list goes on and on.  But we’re here to tell you that the interview/hiring process can be just as stressful and challenging on the other side of the coin.  Interviewing and hiring candidates is far more than merely saying “So can you tell me about your work history?” and “What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?” over and over again.  Hiring top talent is a critical element for a company to function, and it is a task that should be taken very seriously and executed with great care.
There are a number of mistakes hiring managers can make during this process that could cost them the perfect employee for their position.  Below is a Small Business DNB article on the Top 10 Hiring Mistakes.

  1. Not looking into candidates’ backgrounds. No matter what candidates include on their resumes, you need to conduct some due diligence. If you are serious about specific candidates, make sure their work history is accurate, and check at least a reference or two. In addition, it’s helpful to check their background.
  2. Being overly influenced by advanced degrees. Candidates with plenty of letters after their names have certainly worked hard to earn their degrees. But there is no substitute for real-world business experience, and people often make the mistake of overlooking candidates with track records but not degrees. Note: this does not apply, however, to specialized fields that require advanced degrees.
  3. Not having a long-range plan. Hiring someone to fill a current need can help you through a busy time. However, unless you’re hiring someone on a temporary basis, you need a long-range plan for that employee beyond your immediate need, including how you plan to develop him or her, and how he or she fits in with your company’s long-range plans.
  4. Making promises you cannot keep. It can be a very costly mistake to make promises that are not well thought out. Know ahead of time what you can and cannot offer a prospective employee.
  5. Hiring someone for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake. Whether you’re doing your cousin a favor or are impressed by the way someone looks or talks, hiring should not be done for the wrong reasons. Your focus should always be on the best candidate for the job.
  6. Not conducting a good interview. Conducting a good hiring interview is a skill that many people do not possess. It’s important to ask the right questions to determine whether a candidate is right for the position and fits into your company.
  7. Not looking for a good fit. In most businesses there needs to be a rapport among employees. If you hire someone who does not fit in with the team’s chemistry, you may find yourself with unnecessary problems.
  8. Not giving employees offer letters. Offer letters list all the important details, including the starting salary, bonus structure, start date, at-will status, and benefit information.
  9. Not being prepared. You can easily make a hiring mistake when you’re not prepared for the interview and hiring process. Know the questions you want to ask and the type of employee you’re looking for. Also be ready to explain the position and answer questions about the company.
  10. Expecting way too much. A common problem these days is looking for one person to save a sinking ship. An unrealistic, lengthy list of qualifications and background requirements — as frequently seen in employment ads — creates a situation where you settle for someone whom you think can do a little of everything, but does not excel in the key areas. Narrow your focus to the most important aspects of the position.