Tis’ the season for vacations! During the summer months, countless workers look forward to putting their feet up and getting away from the office for a few days; but do employees ever actually completely leave? Unfortunately, nowadays it’s tough to separate vacation from work due to the accessibility of emails, projects and phone calls at our fingertips. However, not taking the time to completely unplug can be detrimental for more than a couple of reasons. Before checking out of the office for vacation, consider the following:
Embrace the Reset Button – A hard working mentality is at the heart of the typical American worker. However, working tirelessly to be successful can take a major toll on our bodies. Long hours at the office and answering to work needs at all times of the day leads to reduced time for exercise, sleep and connecting with friends and family. Fully unplugging from your work on vacation recharges your body mentally and physically! After turning off your connections to the office, consciously make the effort to allow your body to rejuvenate by focusing on your personal wellness. In the long run, your work productivity and satisfaction will increase tremendously, and your body will love you for it!
Boost the Economy – Believe it or not, leaving work at work will help the economy! According to Project Time Off, “Americans fail to use 429 million vacation days every year. If American workers used all of their available time off, the U.S. economy could reap an additional $160 billion in total business sales each year, supporting 1.2 million new American jobs. Furthermore, this additional economic activity would generate more than $21 billion in taxes.” In other words, it pays to use the time off that you’ve earned. So, when it’s your time to unwind and relax, make sure to take advantage of vacation days!
Build Deeper Trust –Unplugging from work will build stronger relationships with coworkers upon returning. Project Time Off’s research also shows that the top 2 barriers employees face when taking time off are fear of returning to a mountain of work and that no one else can do their job. Leaving the office and having confidence in your team to pick up slack will show them respect. Before taking off into the sunset, work with your team to distribute tasks that will help lessen the overwhelming workload when you return. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and, more likely than not, your coworkers will be more than willing to help! Making sure your team has your back will reduce the time you spend checking emails and tending to projects while you’re away!
It’s Not All about You –The vicious cycle of all work and no play could leave you alone at the end of the day. If you don’t take the time to pay attention to loved ones, you might find yourself losing the connections that mean the most. Sure, money and professional success are bound to create happiness, to an extent, but by being constantly connected to the workplace, you run the risk of pushing the most important people in your life aside. Remember to put the laptop away, leave the phone in the hotel room and embrace the face-to-face conversations with friends and family.
For all of these reasons, it should be clear that completely unplugging from work will not only help you to enjoy your time off, but can also help you to return with a fresh positive attitude! Have another reason why it’s important to unplug? Feel free to share below: