summer vacation prepWe officially hit July, the most popular month for summer vacation! Road trips, beach destinations, camping – who doesn’t love a summer vacation? If you’re planning on taking time off, there might be a little stress around leaving the office, but a little preparation will go a long way! Do these five things before you leave:
Communicate with the Right People
You’ve probably told your office buddies about your travel plans around the water cooler, but do your teammates and supervisors know? Tell them a soon as you make a vacation plan, so they can work around your schedule. You don’t want to leave anybody hanging!
Set Expectations for Availability
Will you periodically check your email or completely unplug while you’re away? Either way, make sure you tell your teammates, so they know if and when they can reach you.
Prioritize Your Work
It may seem too simple, but making a prioritized checklist is a great way to keep yourself on track before your trip. After you create this list, start with the most important projects and work your way down.
Although you may try, you probably won’t be able to completely make up the work you’re going to miss while you’re on summer vacation. Asking for help from your teammates is a way alternative than missing deadlines! 
Set Up Away Messages
Write an auto-response for your work email and set a new voicemail greeting detailing the dates you’re out and if you will be checking messages. It’s courteous to the people trying to contact you, so they know when they will hear from you or if they should try to reach your teammates instead.
Safe travels to all vacationers!
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