The election is Tuesday, and all of the negative campaigns and political attack ads will finally disappear! The aftermath of this long, drawn-out presidential election will eventually start to fade into history, but what will be left? That’s right, office politics, and boy, is it a mine field. Here are some tips to survive your office’s political landscape:
Avoid Gossip
Don’t become the office gossip! In fact, just avoid office gossip at all costs! Spreading rumors and speculating about sensitive issues can be damaging to your job and ultimately, your career as a whole. You want your leaders and teammates to trust you, and having a big mouth won’t help one bit.
Take Credit for Your Own Work
When you’re working in the group, it’s important to own your role. Don’t let others take credit for your work, and don’t take credit for others’ work. Prevent someone stealing the credit for your hard work by carefully documenting and communicating your progress with teammates and leaders.
Don’t Brown Nose
Schmoozing will not get you far. Most people can see through it and will think less of you for resorting to something so unprofessional. There are many other ways to earn your boss’s approval without making yourself look like a suck up.
“The Buck Stops Here”
Take a leaf out of Harry Truman’s book and put an end to the blame game! If you make a mistake, own it. You will look highly unprofessional and unreliable if you sit there mumbling excuses while trying to pin another teammate.
Stand Up for Yourself
At the end of the day, you are responsible for you. You cannot expect anyone else to stand up for you, so respectfully take a stand for your ideas and contributions if they’re questioned by a coworker who might be trying to make you look bad in front of the boss.
If you stay amiable, stay aware and just stay away from the office politics, you will survive and come out looking like the true professional you really are. Good luck out there, soldier!