Solid job search advice is hard to come across; everyone’s job search is different, and different industries require different things from job seekers, so general advice isn’t always relevant. We’ve asked some members of the Medix team about the best bits of job search advice they received while they were job hunting, and here are three of the best general tips:
“It’s not about what you know or who you know; it’s about who knows you.”
In this competitive job market, standing out seems more difficult than ever. We’ve all heard networking is king, but simply meeting professionals is not enough. You need to make a good impression on them; good enough so that when they hear of an opportunity with their company or a friend’s company, they immediately think to share it with you. Networking may seem difficult, but the potential reward makes it worth the hard work.
“Don’t take rejection personally.”
Rejection is difficult – no doubt about it! If you take rejection personally, you will cripple yourself as a job seeker, because you won’t learn from it. The next time you interview, you will be so worried about getting rejected again that you will make more mistakes. After you get rejected from a job, you need to rationally think about areas you can improve on and simply recognize that there was someone who was a better fit for the position.
“Be patient: Just because you’re ready to find a job, it doesn’t mean the company is ready to hire.”
Nobody truly enjoys unemployment. If you have been unemployed for a while, you have probably been feeling impatient and frustrated. Feeling impatient and frustrated can also cripple your job search. If you’ve looking for that perfect job, and you begin to get frustrated, you will be more inclined to accept a job that’s not a good fit simply because you just want a job offer – and that’s not a good scenario for you and the organization. Just be patient, as your dream job is still out there.
During the job search, everyone will have an opinion or some advice they believe you should follow. Yes, not all of it is relevant, but if you stay cognizant of that and search for the relevant advice, it can bring you another step closer to a job opportunity.