The dust has finally settled from your EHR implementation. Non-EHR projects are now getting their rightful real estate back on your to-do list. However, while you’re shifting your focus, EHR optimization opportunities have started springing up.

The length of your optimization list directly impacts user efficiency and satisfaction. Unfortunately, the longer your list sits collecting dust, the more likely your users will inevitably come up with individual workarounds and shortcuts to minimize their pains. This will eventually result in messy, varied workflows from user-to-user, faltering hand-offs and growing dissatisfaction.

Rather than immediately answering the loudest scream by parachuting in to fight the closest fire, consider creating a flexible framework designed to be applied to any optimization need, regardless if it’s in the lab, at the bedside or in the billing office. Guided by years of evaluating optimization needs and designing solutions, we’ve identified six steps that can be applied to all optimization processes.

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