It’s the jolliest time of the year! New holiday traditions are being created, while old traditions are continue to hold a special place in our hearts. Whether you’re sipping egg nog near a cozy fire, nibbling on festive treats or simply sharing your holiday cheer, this time of year is filled with great memories.
That’s why we decided to spread our very own Medix holiday cheer by asking some of our teammates about their favorite memories and traditions! Check out what our teammates will be up to this season:
What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
Madisen, Healthcare Recruiter
“Meeting up with friends and family to eat really yummy food and play games like Apples to Apples, Bananagrams and Heads Up!”
Kyrie, Compliance Analyst
“My favorite part of the holidays, now that I’ve grown older, is definitely two-fold. I love watching people open gifts that I got for them because I try really hard to find thoughtful and personalized gifts. The other part I love about the holidays is being able to volunteer or donate items to those who are not fortunate enough to celebrate the holidays like I am able to do!”
Emily, HR Manager
“100 percent getting to spend time with my family! My dad’s side of the family (including lots of extended family and friends) has hosted a big Christmas Eve party for the past 50+ years. When my cousins and I got older, we stopped doing some of our family traditions. However, now that my siblings and cousins have started having kids, we’ve brought a lot of them back, like having Santa come to deliver presents after dinner and building an ice rink in the back yard (weather permitting).”
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Talia, Recruitment Advisor-IT
“My favorite holiday tradition happens every year on Christmas morning. It’s a German tradition in our family where my mom hides a pickle ornament somewhere on our tree and the first sibling to find the pickle gets to open their gift of choice first before everyone. My brother always wins!”
Meg, Corporate Recruiter
“My favorite holiday tradition is my family’s stocking stuffers.  We each buy a $1 gift for everyone and write a poem about it.  Then we read and open each gift, which is typically around 144 poems!   The poems range from sweet, to sassy, to extremely poorly written.  It’s the best!”
Curtis, Account Executive, Clinical Research
“Turning on the lights to my oversized Christmas tree every day and seeing how deep into January I can get before taking it down is my favorite.”
Shayla, Corporate Recruiter
“Every year my family would do a weekend in Chicago after Christmas. We have a large family, so we didn’t make it up to the city a ton during the year. We would go to really great restaurants, do some fun holiday activities and spend a day at Water Tower Place to spend all of our Christmas money! It is definitely a childhood tradition I’ll always cherish!”
What was your favorite gift growing up?
Talia, Recruitment Advisor-IT
“My favorite gift growing up was my Lite-Brite! I miss that thing so much! I would always sit at my table and tease my siblings with it because they always wanted to make their own creation and I wouldn’t ever let anyone touch it!”
Tyler, Account Executive
“My birthday is just a few days after Christmas. For Christmas/my 21st birthday, my dad got me 21 Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards with random amounts. Pretty much the dream.”  
Kyrie, Compliance Analyst
“My favorite gift growing up would always be the last gift my parents would give to me. They would always find a way to keep it a secret every year and it was always something I really wanted. Almost every time I would cry, regardless what it was, because it was always so thoughtful! Last year, it was a new suitcase with some money inside for me to travel, which my family knows I am very passionate about doing!”
Talk about being merry and bright! Now that we’ve shared some of our cheeriest traditions and memories, how do you spread holiday cheer with loved ones in your life? Feel free to share below: