For Medix, 2019 was our first year attending SCOPE – the Summit for Clinical Ops Executives – and right away it was obvious that it was definitely the right crowd for our clinical research team. We are grateful to have connected and collaborated with so many industry professionals during our brief stay in Orlando, Florida!
The people we met with offered insight into current topics, trends and meaningful ideas on how we can all impact the future of the industry in a positive way. Here are some of the hottest issues being discussed in clinical research currently, as showcased at SCOPE 2019:

Strategies for Patient-centric Trial Design and Digital Patient Engagement

Today, the clinical research industry is undergoing a major face lift. Companies are continuously looking to adopt and implement effective and innovative ways to accelerate drug launches in the market. These organizations are becoming more open and are actively moving away from the viewpoint of patients as mere “subjects” who generate data; instead, the industry is welcoming them as informed collaborators whose participation is core to the overall success of trials. This has led to the emergence of the concept of “patient-centric trials.”

Partnering with Qualified Investigators and Study Teams for Improved Site Performance, Efficiency, and Execution of Clinical Trials:

At SCOPE 2019, many clinical research professionals were a-buzz about inefficiencies in the current approaches to investigator training. Example after example showcased how these affect the conduct and timelines of clinical trials. Together, we learned, listened and shared strategies for developing a culture of collaboration between sponsors, CROs and site teams.
If you’re interested in learning more about SCOPE, you can visit their website here. Did you have the chance to attend this year’s events? Share your story in the comments below!
About the Author
Nicole Mills is a Clinical Research Field Specialist with Medix and currently works in our Scottsdale, Arizona office.