By this time tomorrow, tables across America will be filled with every type of comfort food imaginable. But sometimes lost in that delicious sea of gravy and butter is what’s really bringing the people in our lives together: thankfulness.
There’s a reason we think so fondly about Thanksgiving; there’s something about giving thanks that just feels good! In fact, research has shown that a commitment to regularly expressing gratitude can contribute to your wellbeing, even improving heart health.
With that in mind, Medix teammates from throughout our organization wanted to put the stuffing aside for a second to share the parts of the workplace that they are most thankful for this season:
Megan, Recruiter, Scottsdale AZ:
“Personally, I’d like to highlight our amazing Medix team that has become an extension of my family. Daily, I see them locking arms to positively impact lives. While there may be sweat, tears and sure, the occasional bloodshed,  they never, never give up. As a newer recruiter, this inspires me daily and makes me excited to go into the office to work alongside such dedicated individuals.”
Eric, Marketing, Chicago IL:
“I’m thankful for having the opportunity to work on different types of projects each and every day.  I work on videos, graphic design, sounds design, motion graphics, websites and much more.  Every day is an opportunity for me to use every aspect of my professional skillsets. I work for a company that keeps things fun, interesting and always changing.
I’m also thankful for the individuals I work with.  They’re the best teammates I’ve ever had and I couldn’t ask for a better team.  Thank you!”
Kyrie, Compliance, Scottsdale AZ:
“I am thankful to work with individuals who push me to become a stronger person and help me develop as a professional. I am thankful to have a job that challenges me daily but leaves me feeling a sense of accomplishment whenever I walk out the door.”
As for me, (aside from potatoes) I’m thankful to be able to write for our blog and share stories with all of you! I know that sometimes it can be hard to find the words, especially after dessert, but I’ll be doing my best to express my gratitude to the ones that have impacted me the most this year.
Make the most of the time you have for thoughtful reflection over the next few days, and let the people gathering around your table know what you’re thankful for. Who knows, it might just be good for your heart!