Medix’s mission is to positively impact lives, and the team is trilled to have locked arms with an incredible non-profit doing just that! Camp Hometown Heroes is an organization that provides a week-long camp for kids aged seven to 17 who have lost a veteran sibling or parent. These children suffer a life-long loss, and Camp Hometown Heroes provides a safe place to heal and find like-minded companions. They are changing lives one loss at a time, and the team is thrilled to ride the tide with them!
Camp Hometown Heroes is currently in the running to win $100,000 through The Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge.  Coach Steve “Wojo”  Wojciechowski , the head men’s basketball coach at Marquette University, is currently number nine on the leader board! Right now it looks like they are going to make it into the third round. This is fantastic, but we need your help! We need you to join us and vote daily for Camp!
All it takes is one click! Vote for Wojo! Vote every day through Sunday at noon to get Camp through the second round!
Thank you for helping us as we pay it forward to this incredibly deserving group of little heroes! Let’s get these kids to camp!

 Tiffany Eckert is a mother of three children, Gold Star Wife, passionate supporter of the military community and a strong advocate of paying it forward. She has locked arms with the Medix team as a blog contributor, sharing her insights into military issues and social responsibility.