The Academy Awards have been presenting Oscars to the top talent in Hollywood since 1929. From costume design to sound editing all the way to directing and acting, each year, the best of the best gather under the glitz and glamour of glowing stage lights to remember the year that was and recognize outstanding achievements.
If you’ve ever watched someone make an emotional Oscar award acceptance speech and thought, “I wish I could do that,” guess what? You totally can! After all, why should movie stars get to have all of the fun? In any workplace, achievements must be acknowledged and celebrated in order for positive progress to thrive; if you don’t acknowledge an accomplishment, it might not be clear to the team that the action in question is thought of as a success. Celebrating this success communicates this message clearly to the excelling teammate and shares an example for the rest of the team to strive for.
Unfortunately, according to a report by TinyPulse, “a massive 79% of employees don’t feel strongly valued for the work they put in.” These feelings can leave employees with low self-esteem, a lack of confidence in the company and, ultimately, contribute to higher turnover rates.
Don’t leave your team feeling like their efforts are going unnoticed! Recognition doesn’t need to be a huge, once-a-year award show. Instead, start thinking of small ways to show your coworkers that they are appreciated. What that in mind, here are a few unsung heroes to consider recognizing in your office this awards season:

Best Email Editing

Perfect subject lines, short and to the point body and always signing off with a friendly signature – these are the hallmarks of a top notch email editor on your team! Show them your inbox appreciates their efforts.

Best Music

Every office has a resident DJ, also known as your go-to source for the latest beats and best jams for office parities. Give it up for your team’s music industry insider.

Best Supporting Lunch Mate

Sometimes you just need to vent your feelings over soup and a sandwich. Recognize the teammate who goes above and beyond with a sensitive ear at break time!

Costume Design

Eye-catching, ahead of the trends, but always professional, the winners in this category make a statement by dressing for success every single day. They’ll appreciate knowing that their fashion-forward choices are being noticed.

Best (Desk) Pictures

Is there a coworker whose desk decorations just seems to brighten everyone’s day? Show them some love by recognizing their workplace pizazz.
These are just a few ideas, but there are countless opportunities to recognize the little things your team does every single day. Whether you’re handing out physical awards, sending team emails or just stopping by a desk to give a compliment and handshake, you don’t need to invite Meryl Streep to a black-tie, formal awards night in order to make people feel appreciated. All that matters is making the effort!
Do you have any every day achievements that you think should be recognized in the office? We’d love to hear your Oscars at the office ideas in the comment section below!