Teammates across the country are working hard to positively impact lives within their local communities. Today, we’re checking in with Talia, a recruiter who works in our IT division and a member of our PIL committee in Chicago! In our recent interview, Talia gives an overview of what PIL committees mean to Medix and our core purpose.
What is PIL?
“PIL stands for ‘positively impacting lives leadership’ and it’s a committee that I have the privilege to be a part of through Medix. The PIL committee is all about positively impacting lives in our local community and focuses entirely on philanthropy. Our bi-weekly meetings revolve around brainstorming causes and organizations to impact every month. We toss around ideas and come up with the most influential way to impact our local community, whether that be a volunteer opportunity, attending an event for an organization that’s near and dear to us or other fun ways to get our teammates involved in giving back to the community.”
What do PIL committees do?
“PIL representatives have number of jobs. First and foremost is making sure their entire team is getting involved in the community one way or another. Second, most PIL members have a cause they are extremely passionate about. By bringing this cause and ideas to the table, it opens up doors for other PIL members to come up with creative ways to get the entire office involved.
For instance, we work with Camp Hometown Heroes every year, a week-long summer camp for kids who have lost a parent serving in the U.S. military. Last year, the Chicago PIL committee put together ‘Medix Games’ where every teammate pitched in a small fee to leave work a little early and participate in field games!”
Why do we have a PIL committee in each office?
“Medix has fourteen physical locations across the country and we’re continuing to grow quickly. Here at our headquarters in Chicago, it’s easy to control how we’re impacting our community, but what about the other thirteen locations? That’s where our fellow PIL committees in each office come in. We have a committee assigned for each physical location who takes the lead in their market on ways to positively impact the lives close to them.”
Why did you join PIL? 
“The reason I joined PIL was to provide my philanthropic attitude and ideas to broaden our reach outside of our offices. Together, we are able to impact organizations and individuals and ultimately create everlasting relationships.”
What organization are you most passionate about and why?
“I am most passionate about women’s heart health. With heart disease being the number one killer of women, it is important to me to help educate women in the office of these battles. In Chicago, Medix works with the American Heart Association to promote women’s heart health in a number of ways. I was so excited to see Chicago hold a CPR training during a lunch and learn with a representative from the American Heart Association!”
Thank you, Talia, for sharing your story in this edition of the Medix Teammate Spotlight. Learn more about our philanthropic initiatives by visiting our 20,000 Kids page.