(Arlington, Virginia) Wednesday, May 14 – Practice Leader Dan Dumrauf of Medix Clinical Research, a team within Medix focused on workforce solutions within pharma, biotech and medical device, is moderating a career development panel at MAGI Clinical Research Conference – 2015 East on Tuesday, May 19 at 2:45 p.m. ET.
“Our Career Development panel will touch on hiring talent to align to the position, company, manager and departments, advice with sourcing, screening and interviewing, the most common resources for directors and best practices in career coaching with clinical research professionals,” said Dumrauf. “Our goal is to share best practices, foster good dialogue and connect industry professionals to drive research forward.”
Medix Clinical Research will also be exhibiting during MAGI East from May 17-20 and giving away an Apple Watch. MAGI holds two conferences per year – one in the spring in the eastern U.S. and one in the fall in the western U.S.  During these events, more than 650 attendees take advantage of sessions, workshops and abundant networking opportunities.
“MAGI is a great clinical research-focused conference,” said Dumrauf. “We’re excited about the exposure MAGI will provide our growing Medix Clinical Research team as we navigate through this booming scientific economy.”

About Medix Clinical Research
The increased demand for clinical research trials has created talent imbalances for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and clinical research organizations. These organizations consistently struggle to balance not only finding the right talent at the right time as new trials begin, but also the burden of potentially furloughing and sacrificing people when trials come to a close. Medix Clinical Research gives your organization the flexibility to balance your trial portfolio by profiling and benchmarking top performers and managing specific therapeutic expertise to match your current and pending trials. Additionally, Medix Clinical Research will help place your team in different positions at the end of your trials and bring this talent back to your team when you need it again. Medix provides you with a sustainable and long-term workforce solution, allowing your organization to grow by finishing trials on time and within budget.