Let’s be honest, if I could quit my job today and become a light saber wielding, spaceship flying Jedi Knight, I’d hop on the next flight to Cloud City at light speed! Unfortunately, the time of the Jedi is long gone, and our technology really hasn’t caught up to what we see in the movies…yet.

However, there are still some amazing lessons to be learned from the Star Wars movies, even if you’re not applying to be Darth Vader’s new executive assistant (I hear the high turnover in that role is ridiculous anyway!)

In honor of May the Fourth, we’re sharing our four favorite job search lessons as told by Star Wars:

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Master Yoda

Jedi Master Yoda was far wiser than his silly voice may have made him seem. Even though his sentence structure could use a little help, his lesson to his young Jedi apprentice should speak volumes to anyone looking for a job. The hardest step in finding a new opportunity is the first one. How often do phrases like, “I’ll try and apply tomorrow” or “Maybe I’ll update my resume soon” lead to action? Instead of wondering when to take charge, go for it! Jedi knights and job seekers alike know that, in order to succeed, you need to dive right in with a fully committed head and heart.

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The first Star Wars movie starts with those iconic words, followed by a overview of the story so far. These now iconic opening sequences help get the audience up to speed on what’s happened; after all, there seem to be new stories to keep track on every year! Just like those famous words crawling on the big screen, it’s important for job seekers to be able to get employers up-to-speed on their lives and experiences in a memorable, succinct way.

A thorough resume and a clear cover letter go a long way towards telling your story, but job seekers should also be prepared to recap what led them to the current opportunity, verbally, in about a minute during interviews. By focusing on major moments in your career and how they affected you, then tying it all back to the potential employer’s overall goals, you’ll have interviewers ready and excited to learn what’s next.

Everyone needs a dependable team.

In the original trilogy of films, Luke Skywalker teamed up with a space scoundrel, a princess, a hairy Wookie and a duo of robots to save the Rebel Alliance; that’s an unlikely crew, to say the least! Yet, in the end, they were able to stop Darth Vader through their combined efforts.

All too often, job seekers see the search ahead of them as a solo effort. After all, you’re the one that needs a job, right? Think again! No one gets ahead in life or in work without the support of others. Over the course of your career, you’ve worked alongside numerous professionals and built a solid network of contacts – it’s time to tap into them! You never know when an unexpected coworker, an old manager or even your best friend might save the day.

“Never tell me the odds!” – Han Solo

You’ve got to hand it to Han Solo, he’s nothing if he’s not bold. After being warned that the probability of successfully navigating his ship through an asteroid field is, “approximately 3,720 to 1” he brushes it off, unfazed. It’s a good thing too, because the crew ends up safe and sound (eventually.)

Finding a job is not a battle between yourself and an employer, or even between job seekers looking for the same work; finding a job is an internal struggle. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses, tapping into your passions and making a big leap takes guts. Sometimes, landing your dream job might seem like an impossible feat. It’s important to stay mentally and emotionally positive. When the work of finding work has got you down, just remember to think bold like Han Solo!

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