Bad Job Interview BlundersLet’s be honest; nobody is perfect. However, during job interviews, you’re trying to present the best you. Mistakes happen, but if you let these little blunders occur during your next big interview, you might not be able to recover:
Forgetting to Research
Pre-interview preparation is essential! You must learn about the company and job, or there is a good chance you will get stumped on even the simplest interview questions.
Sloppy Appearance
There is no excuse for showing up to your job interview with a sloppy appearance.  In your pre-interview preparation, you should also be getting your outfit ready by ironing, lint rolling and etc. A less-than-tidy appearance does not set the tone for a professional first impression.
Limp Handshake
It may seem trivial, but a lot rides on the initial handshake with your interviewer. A strong handshake conveys confidence, interest and excitement; a limp handshake conveys apathy. This is another chance to make or break your first impression.
Poor Body Language
According to the Nonverbal Group, 7 percent of any message is conveyed through words, 38 percent through vocal elements and 55 percent through nonverbal elements (facial expressions, gestures, posture.) So what mom said WAS true – it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. During your interview, watch your tone of voice, hand gestures, posture, eye contact and facials expressions. Things like staring at the floor or never smiling probably won’t earn you an offer.*
“Um, Like”
There are times when what you say can have a negative impact, too! For example, too many “ums” or “likes.” These are filler words when people are trying to collect their thoughts, and they indicate that the interviewee is either unprepared or simply unprofessional. It’s way better to take a pause after your interviewer asks a question to think how you want to answer.
Forgetting to Turn Off Your Phone 
We’ve all been there – the loud ring in the middle of class, the buzzing phone in the church pew – it’s not fun. What’s worse? Your phone going off in the middle of your big job interview. This not only interrupts and distracts, it comes off as very unprofessional. 
Mistakes are inevitable, but when you’re trying to convince somebody to hire you, they can be detrimental. The good news is that a little attention to detail will help you avoid these blunders!
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*The Non Verbal Group, “How Much Communication is Really Nonverbal?”