Leadership advice from dadYesterday, we celebrated Dad and everything he has done for us throughout the years. Obvious things like helping us with homework and teaching us how to ride a bike come to mind first, but as we go through our careers it’s become apparent that we’ve learned other things from him, too. Here are some things we learned from our fathers about leadership:
Lead by Example
Many see our fathers as our greatest role model. We’ve learned to be the people we are today through watching Dad from our earliest memories onward. Take this idea, and bring it to the work place. Do you want your team to communicate more? Then get the ball rolling yourself by sending updates and reaching out to your teammates regularly. You are the example to your employees, and they will look to you for how to navigate through the company and even their careers.
Communicate Expectations
Remember that pesky chore chart? That was Dad laying out his expectations for you as a kid. You always knew when you needed to make your bed or take out the garbage, what the repercussions were if you did not do so and how you were rewarded if you did. As a leader, you need to do the same thing. (No, not make a chore chart.) Clearly communicating your expectations will help clear up any confusion, straighten out priorities and boost productivity in your team.
Be There to Assist
When that laundry basket was too full, Dad pitched in. When you made a mistake mowing the lawn, Dad helped you fix it. Similarly, you need to be there for your teammates when things get rough.
Just like Dad would listen to how our day went around the dinner table, you need to listen to your team. Listening is the best way to learn about the progress of initiatives, any wins, areas that need to be improved and needs. Whether it’s weekly huddles or the big quarterly conference call, make sure you’re doing a fair share of listening.
Dad has been a solid example of leadership, so keep him in mind even in your career.
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Happy Belated Father’s Day!