job search tips we learned from momEvery Mother’s Day, we reflect on how our moms have molded us into the people we are today. We think about what they taught us and how they continue to motivate us to become the best people we can be, even during the job search. In honor of Mother’s Day yesterday, we wanted to share job search take-aways we learned from Mom.
Clean Yourself Up
Before going to school or grandma’s house, your mom might have told you to clean up and make yourself presentable. Same goes for a job interview. Iron your clothes, get the scuffs out of your shoes and comb your hair, because looking professional is an essential component of your first impression. 
Mind Your Manners 
Be polite to everybody you meet during the job search, just like Mom would want. Job candidates do get judged on how they talk to and treat everybody from assistants to top executives when they’re on the phone or in the office for interviews. In fact, hiring managers have been known to talk to front desk attendants to get the scoop on the candidate an how friendly and polite the candidate was when he/she walked in for the interview.
Pay Attention to Detail
When Mom insisted that we thoroughly cleaned our rooms, she was teaching us attention to detail. The details are very important for job seekers. You don’t want spelling and grammar errors on your resume, and you should make a point to remember everybody’s names during the interview. The little things can be just as important as the big things.
Always Say ‘Thank You’
Mom’s constant reminders to say “thank you” should be at the forefront of your mind during the job search. You must always remember that many hiring managers are hiring along with doing their day jobs, so they are making the time to talk and get to know you. This definitely warrants a “thank you” verbally during your interview and after you meet through a note or email.
Believe in Yourself
Just like when Mom told us to believe in ourselves before taking a hard math test or trying out for a team, you must believe in yourself as a job candidate. Confidence is key through every level of the job search, so never forget your potential and why you should be considered the top candidate for these open opportunities.
Happy belated Mother’s Day to all our supportive mothers!
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