This August, Medix announced that two of its divisions, Medix IT and Alidade Group, had merged together to form one entity – Medix Technology. Under this new name, the combined team remains committed to its strong focus on strategic consulting and technology solutions, while growing into more disciplines and skillsets across the technology recruiting landscape.

To learn more about Medix Technology and what technology leaders could expect from the team moving forward, we checked in with Managing Director, Jeb Corley:

What does Medix IT joining together with Alidade Group to form Medix Technology mean to you?

“Medix IT and Alidade joining forces allows us to create a more complete picture of our services to our clients, especially in the healthcare industry. While Medix IT has created a large client base outside of the healthcare industry, this move creates a single-source recruiting partner that understands both their EHR operations and recruiting needs, and also their non-EHR needs.

We have a specific focus on digital transformation, honing in on the best talent in our markets for application development, enterprise SaaS management, business intelligence, and cloud transformation. As an industry, we’re starting to see more healthcare clients interested in exploring possibilities for their cloud instance, which aligns well with our existing recruitment focus on high-level IaaS professionals for our non-healthcare clients. We’re also seeing a big push for organizations to adopt DevOps mindsets and take steps to optimize their analytics and data management in order to make data-driven decisions.”

What can clients and talent expect from Medix Technology moving forward?

“For talent, they can expect more opportunities! Outside of a few nuances, IT hiring is industry agnostic. This means that more focus is put on the actual IT environment and technology stacks a candidate has experience in and not necessarily the industry they came from. There will be more opportunities for our talent in that regard. 

For our clients, we’re now able to offer our recruiting expertise in more departments than they may have been used to in the past. We can now better support their overall hiring strategy and process, allowing us to become an even stronger recruiting partner.” 

What do you think is the most pressing issue teams are facing when it comes to technology hiring in 2020 and beyond?

“The healthcare industry has taken a massive hit with the decline in elective surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been many delays in the execution of the IT roadmap for many organizations, not just healthcare. As we talk with our clients and look out across the industry, almost all of them are telling us they are delaying their IT roadmap until 2021 or whenever a vaccine is found and mass-produced. What this means for everyone in the IT industry is likely a massive hiring spree sometime in 2021, creating a bottleneck in IT resources and people needed to get back on track with their IT priorities. Meanwhile, while demand is reduced and supply is higher, this is a great time to find the best talent on the market and get a headstart on everyone else, if you can.”

What are you and your team most excited about right now?

“We’re excited about being great partners to our talent and customers. We know how difficult it is for many of them right now, so we’re doing whatever we can to bring them value, ideas, and hope. We were there for them when times were good, and we hope we’re proving to them that we’re here supporting them when times are tough. We take our core  purpose of positively impacting lives very seriously, and are trying to do whatever we can do just that.” 

To learn more about Medix Technology, you can read the latest announcement in our newsroom by clicking here or contact our team directly.