Internships have come a long way since they began catching on in the workplace in the late 1960s. What once may have seemed like a job grabbing coffee for executives has since blossomed into a legitimate option for professional advancement. Companies are increasingly developing thorough internship programs built to get new or transitioning professionals up-to-speed on the way things are done in an industry and organization. In fact, with the right internship advice, these experiences can jump start a new or evolving career!
While many may still hold onto the stereotypical perception of the intern being an inexperienced college student looking for something to do all summer, aspiring professionals of all kinds now embrace internships as a viable pathway to something new. In fact, internships now come in all shapes and sizes, including those tied to a college curriculum, paid & unpaid and even part-time opportunities for those currently employed.
If you’re an intern or plan on becoming one, you won’t want to miss this episode of the Impact Podcast! In the latest entry in our professional development audio series, Medix teammates Taylor and Sarah enter the recording booth to share their best internship advice. Taylor has experience working with intern teams as a human resources professional, and Sarah successfully turned two different internship opportunities into a full time job.