As a new semester draws near, Medix is saying goodbye to our summer interns. Over the last few months, these young professionals have taken on a variety of roles, supporting our teams in offices across the country. Through hands-on experience with recruiters, salespeople, and corporate teammates, our interns have made their mark on the organization. Before they head back to school to take on new challenges, we asked our summer interns to share a few thoughts about their experiences with the Medix internship program. Here’s what Sam, Adam, Will, Chase, and Jack had to say:

Samantha Donaghey – Recruiting 

“When trying to break into an industry, especially one as complex as healthcare, there is only so much that you are able to learn in a classroom. I have walked away from my summer internship at Medix with transferable skills and knowledge that can only be learned through the type of hands-on experience I received. Personally, I have learned the value of uplifting company culture and the importance that it has on productivity, fulfillment, and happiness in the workplace.”

Adam Melendez – Recruiting

“Over the course of my internship, I learned how much of an impact Medix makes in the lives of other people. I learned the importance of teamwork and how competitive the staffing atmosphere can be. I learned so much from my team and they have made this summer experience amazing.”

Will Skowronski – Business Analytics

“I was working on projects that allowed me to excel as an intern and would have the opportunity to sit in on many different divisional meetings. This helped me gain a unique perspective on how the company truly operates. I also earned from Medix how important a tight-knit culture is.”

Chase Pierce – Vendor Management System (VMS)

“Working downtown gave me an idea of how to dress professionally and work a traditional job, something that I have not had the opportunity to experience before.”

Jack Lewandowski – Marketing

“Time flies when you’re having fun! Between participating in employee events, philanthropy projects, and plenty of knowledge gained, it seemed like time was moving at a supersonic speed. Working at Medix was the best thing I could’ve done this summer, and I couldn’t be happier with my team and my fellow interns.”

Thank you to Sam, Adam, Will, Chase, Jack, and everyone that has positively impacted our team this summer as a part of the Medix internship program! We look forward to seeing where your careers take you next!

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