The way new employees are hired, onboarded and trained is undergoing a technology-driven transformation. Gone are the days of groups of new hires, armed with oversized binders full of company information, crowding into a breakroom to watch a long corporate training video. Instead, robust virtual onboarding programs are now preparing recently hired teammates to succeed through a varied mix of engaging training tools.

While the events of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic did drastically accelerate the pace of this digital transformation, the ways in which we work had actually been undergoing changes for quite some time. To explain how Medix has adapted it’s onboarding and training programs with the future of work in mind, Learning & Development Content Developer Jackie Wolf recently joined the Impact Podcast. In our interview, she shares what salespeople and recruiters can expect from the Medix new hire program, including exciting digital tools and meaningful teammate connections.

If you’re considering joining the Medix team or are curious about the ways new hires can expect to experience virtual onboarding in 2021 and beyond, click below to listen to Episode 39 of the Medix Impact Podcast!