Following a difficult year for employers and job seekers alike, the technology industry is finally returning to form. After months of reducing staff sizes, employers are moving fast to fill their teams with the specialized skill sets needed to complete critical digital transformation projects. In short, there is high demand for tech talent.

While these conditions are creating a race for technology talent among employers, it’s also presenting huge opportunities for job seekers. Are you or someone you know searching for a new technology job? Madison Nordstrom, a Medix Technology Account Executive, is here to share expert advice for navigating current job market conditions.

With tech talent in high demand, there are plenty of career opportunities out there. How do you know which is the right fit for you? Are there any best practices for sorting through offers from multiple employers? Madison gives her best tips and tricks for job seekers on this exciting episode of the Medix Impact Podcast! Listen to the episode in the player below or via Spotify by clicking here!