The events of 2020 have shined a light on importance of the work being done by healthcare professionals every single day. While times of crisis may bring dramatic pictures of doctors and nurses on the frontlines to mind, there are millions of other healthcare roles that make this life saving work possible. One area in particular that’s growing at a rapid pace is healthcare IT (HIT).
According the, “Health IT is the use of computer hardware, software, or infrastructure to record, store, protect, and retrieve clinical, administrative, or financial information. Health IT can include: Electronic Health Records, Personal Health Records, Electronic Medical Records, Electronic prescribing (e-Prescribing).”
Like most other industries, the amount of tech innovation happening in healthcare shows no signs of slowing down. Just think of all of the technology you saw the staff using during your last trip to the doctor’s office! For each system and tool being used by healthcare teams, there are professionals needed to implement, maintain, update and train teams to use them. That’s why it’s an exciting time for job seekers considering careers in the HIT field.
On the latest episode of the Medix Impact Podcast, Jim – Epic Client Delivery Manager for Medix Technology – shares what job seekers should know about the current trends in healthcare IT hiring. If you’re thinking about starting a career in healthcare IT or planning a next step in an established career in this booming field, tune into the podcast below to learn more! Then, visit to hear more episodes featuring job search advice from hiring experts.