Of all of the materials needed in order to apply for a job, the resume may be the most intimidating task to tackle. After all, every employer seems to be looking for something a bit different! From length to layout, there are millions of resume options to choose from, and even more unwritten rules to consider. How can job seekers know where to begin when writing or editing?

Thankfully, there are hiring experts who have seen it all when it comes to resumes! Take, for example, Chloe Giffin, a Senior Business Development Manager at Medix with years of staffing experience. She has advised thousands of job applicants on the do’s and don’ts of resume writing and editing. That’s why she joined the Medix Impact Podcast to share her four favorite resume tips.

Her advice covers it all, including common grammar mistakes, how to properly highlight accomplishments and one resume section every job seeker should ditch immediately. If you’re writing a new resume or dusting off that old one for edits, check out the interview on Episode 40 of the Medix Impact Podcast, “4 Resume Tips from a Hiring Expert” linked below!