avoiding holiday pounds
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to start ushering in the Holiday season! The lights, decorations, festivities and food are a few reasons why it’s the favorite time of year for many. However, the food might follow you with the season ends – you know, when your pants start feeling a little snug. Although it may be impossible for many of us to avoid our favorite holiday treats altogether, but you can at least put up a good fight at work. Here are some tips:
Set Limits 
It’s ok to have one cookie or one small piece of cake; it’s not ok to binge eat and then get mad when your clothes don’t fit at the end of the season. Keep this in mind during the next office potluck!
Drink More Water 
Hunger and dehydration feel similar to the body. When you’re feeling hungry, you might just need a glass of water. This can help prevent you from overeating. 
Get Moving! 
Take the stairs, stretch at your desk, go on walks during breaks – anything to keep yourself moving and burning those extra calories. Another plus is that moving around make you feel more awake and energized!
Bring Your Own Snacks
Bring healthy snacks to work with you, so you avoid munching on the leftover treats. Protein-heavy snacks are great for helping you feel fuller longer.
The holiday season doesn’t always have to result in holiday pounds! Keep these tips in mind at work, and help fight those unneeded calories!
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