celebrate with teamSuccess, achievements and accolades come in many forms, but the bottom line on how they are earned is the same: The Team.
Medix was recognized in Crain’s Chicago Business’s “Fast Fifty” list of the fastest growing companies in the Chicagoland area due to our percent of revenue growth over the past five years. Even though this accolade is local to our Chicago headquarters, and we’re a national company, each of our offices from coast-to-coast had a huge role to play in Medix’s growth. This accolade belongs to everyone, not just our Chicago market.
When your team succeeds, it’s up to you as a leader to make sure everyone feels ownership of the accomplishment. Here is how I recommend you celebrate team achievements:
First and foremost, simply communicate the accomplishment! Regardless if it’s a team email or conference call, explain it and why it is important, so everyone is on the same page. Your team cannot get excited about something they know nothing about!
Make it Tangible 
Accomplishments feel more real when people can physically see or touch them, so make it tangible! Create a plaque or certificate to hang or order a trophy to place somewhere visible. If your team is remote or in other offices, bring it with to a conference or event you’re at together. Make a spectacle of it and have fun! 
Share the Accolade
Finally, always give credit where credit is due – to your team. Whenever you speak about the achievement, never forget that it would be impossible without the strong team around you. I know Medix would never earn another accolade if we did not have this team, and I am sure you feel the same way about yours, so make sure that’s always said!
Celebrating together as a team is always the best part of success, so have fun sharing these bright moments!
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