Medix’s internal team comes to work every day ready to positively impact the lives of our contract employees and clients through opportunity and workforce solutions. We are thrilled and humbled to have been awarded for this dedication with our second consecutive Inavero Best of Staffing Client Award! Inspiring your team to work hard, reach their potential and consistently give their best effort does not happen overnight. Things like raises and bonuses help, but true inspiration comes from that fire within. Here are some tips for build the passion that will help your whole team achieve great work:
Set a Team Goal 
At Medix, we’ve locked arms in pursuit of our goal to positively impacting 20,000 lives by 2020, and we do our best to keep this goal at the forefront of our minds. Setting a company-wide goal that your team can rally behind is not only a great opportunity for team bonding, it becomes the fuel for your team’s work. After the goal is set, come up with ways to remind your team about it, such as regular team emails detailing your team’s progress. 
Give Perspective 
Individuals on your team might not always be able to see how their piece of the company puzzle fits in. Give them that perspective by having them take a step back and see the results of their work. Remind that person that their weekly report gives their supervisor insight to their progress on the initiative, which allows for more efficient decision making when constructing a plan to help a client take his/her business to the next level. This big-picture insight is invaluable, as it can help your team where they want to improve.
Thank Your Team
Say thank you often and always give credit where credit is due, as genuine appreciation is always great inspiration. If your employees have embraced your company and its vision, you need to embrace them in return with gratitude! 
As mentioned, raises and bonuses can be decent motivation, but inspiring your team to become their best takes something a little extra.
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