With the new year comes a new opportunity to hit rewind, redo or revisit on a wide array of company policies. If it’s not already, at the top of that list should read ‘Employee Engagement Strategies,’ as a culture of colleagues who thoroughly enjoy their jobs is more important than ever.  Kudos to you if your company has already implemented a strategy to improve employee engagement, but you don’t have to fret if your company is still lagging behind. Below are four tips to improve your current plan or assist you in developing an initial roll out.
1. Commit to being better
Whether you’ve already implemented a plan, or are struggling to figure out where to start, commit yourself and your company to being better in 2017. Make this a company-wide goal and take any necessary steps to improve and/or gage the satisfaction and engagement of your employees. Once you commit to improvement, you’ll find the rest will naturally fall into place.
2. Lead by example
As a leader in your company, you can’t expect your team or those colleagues you come in contact with to be engaged if you are not fostering an attitude of engagement yourself. Make sure that you are always putting your best face forward and showing your employees and teams a positive and engaged leader. After all, positivity is contagious!
3. Improve transparency
One of the biggest issues that all companies face is communication…or lack thereof. Employees like to be in-the-know and have a strong desire to be involved in company news and decisions. Take steps to improve the transparency among your team and throughout the company. Whether bad news or good, employees will be grateful they were included in the conversation.
4. Promote recognition
“I hate being recognized,” said no one ever! Sure, some employees may prefer more personal recognition to public, but giving praise for a job well done will always promote a positive and engaged culture.
So, there you have it – four simple tips to making sure your company gets employee engagement right in 2017. Not only are each of these tips guaranteed to make even your CFO happy (after all, each tip is free!), but your employees will soon be more engaged than ever!