What’s that sound I hear in the office on this frigid winter morning?
Sleigh bells?
A crackling fire?
Ah, the sound of silence! Yes, offices can get pretty quiet during the holiday season. Between trips out of town, planned vacation time, last-minute shopping, special lunches and everything else festive requiring attention outside of the office, you might find yourself left with few coworkers around you.
“But if no one is around, how can I get anything done?“ This kind of thinking is only natural when things get a little quiet at work, but here are a few ideas for using this time a little more wisely:
Chip In
If your plate’s looking a little light these days, why not offer to help a coworker in need? A little help can go a long way, and you never know when you might need someone to return the favor! Even if assistance is needed in a department outside of your regular work responsibilities, lend a hand in any way you can. Who knows, you might even learn a new skill along the way!
Clean House
While not the most fun option, cleaning your workplace now will payoff big time when your schedule fills back up later. Aside from the obvious health and sanitary benefits, giving your electronics and desk a cleanse can give you a positive mental boost. Organizing any loose papers can also help to organize your mind. Similarly, tidying up your digital workspace – emails, folders, etc. – can streamline your workday once the action picks back up in the office.
Customize Your Calendar
Get a jump start on the year ahead and start plugging important dates in your calendar! Sooner is always better than later when scheduling your time, and having these obligations clearly outlined early will help your team to organize.
Catch Up on Education
Webinars, podcasts, interesting articles, helpful videos – the amount of content available for professionals interesting in learning new skills across all industries is staggering. Now’s the time to hunt down those awesome educational tools you didn’t have the time to absorb throughout the year and revisit them. Kicking off January with new lessons learned is a great way to start off with success.
If it feels like your workweek is crawling along at a snail’s pace, try reenergizing your office with these simple tactics! What have you done to keep things interesting in a mostly empty office? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below.