flu season survivalOctober brings cooler weather, colorful trees, abundant festivities and rapid spread of colds and the flu. Yes, October starts flu season. When you work in an office with many coworkers, it can seem like a giant petri dish. Stay healthy so you can enjoy fall festivities by following our Flu Season Survival Guide:
Get a Flu Shot! 
First and foremost, get a flu shot. Flu shots don’t protect you against everything, but they are the best and easiest way to prevent the strains that are spreading like wildfire. During lunch, go to a nearby pharmacy and arm yourself with the most effective weapon.
Take Your Daily Vitamins
Daily vitamins fill in the holes of your nutrition and are great for bolstering your overall health. But what do you do if you get that dreaded scratch in your throat?  Vitamin C to the rescue! Taking vitamin C with your daily vitamin can give your immune system that extra boost to help you stay strong this flu season. Even if you get sick, taking vitamin C products can help shorten the length of your illness.
Think Clean
Make a habit out of running a sanitizing wipe across your desk and office equipment, with special emphasis on one of flu season’s biggest culprits, your phone’s mouthpiece. If you have spare time, consider doing yourself and coworkers an extra favor by using your sanitizing wipes in common areas frequently, too. Also keep hand sanitizer on your desk, and use it regularly. You’d be surprised at how many germs flourish in your personal work space and common areas!
Healthy Habits
Eating right and getting enough sleep can do wonders! Fruits and veggies are a haven for healthy vitamins, but nothing fights illness quite like a full eight hours of sleep. If you feel a bug coming on, getting to bed earlier can be a great way to fight it. If you do both, your health in general will greatly improve.
Flu season is here, but if you keep our advice in mind, it won’t derail you from your fall fun!
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