people within your networkA solid network is a must not only for new professionals, but for seasoned leaders and everybody in between. But what types of professionals should a well-rounded network include? Here are our top five people you should be networking with:
Recent graduates, are you still in touch with people you graduated with? You should be! Your former classmates learned what you learned and worked with you on various projects, so they can speak first-hand to your knowledge and work ethic.
Whether or not you’re a recent graduate, you should keep in touch with past coworkers and build relationships with your current peers. Again, these are people who worked with you day in and day out, so they know your strengths and interests.
Regardless of how seasoned you are within your industry, mentors are an invaluable asset. There is always something new to learn or a different perspective to take, and mentors are a haven for this insight and wisdom. Don’t have a mentor yet? Consider former professors or supervisors.
Industry Experts 
An industry expert is another key player within any network. These people not only know everything there is to know about your profession, but they know what groups to join, what publications are best and what companies to look to for blazing the trail. They are also great for bouncing ideas off of and advice. 
The Supporters 
Every team needs a cheerleader, and your network is no exception. Your supporters will help you stay positive when times get tough, encourage you when you need confidence and are always willing to listen without judgment.
The Person Who Knows Everybody
What’s the easiest way to grow your network? By knowing that person who knows everybody there is to know! When you meet this person, get ready to watch your network expand rapidly with all types of professionals.
If you’re networking with the right people, you will have the strongest results. Take a look at your network today and start filling in the empty spaces!
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