Contrary to popular belief, the search for work doesn’t take a break during the holidays. Hunting for a new job can be a dizzying mix of emotions, ranging from excitement to disappointment. If you have a job seeker in your life, now is the perfect time to show your support by giving them a gift that will help them along the way to that new opportunity. Here is our essential holiday gift guide for job seekers:
Professional Clothing
“No shirt, no shoes, no interview” is a pretty basic rule for job seekers; you need to look professional in order to be truly considered by an employer on interview day. However, most of us could use a wardrobe refresh every now and then. The right interview outfit can give even the most nervous job seeker the confidence they need to make a big impression. Shirts, shoes and accessories are all helpful options. When in doubt, give a gift card to a clothing store you know they love!
Pad and Pen
Note taking can be a life saver for job seekers; between the names, addresses and interview questions alone, there’s a ton of information to remember when trying to find a job. When the time comes to jot down a note, nothing looks worse than the free giveaway pen clicking against a piece of scrap paper. Every applicant could use a simple, elegant pad of paper and a quality pen for use along the job search.
Business Bag
All of those application materials need to go somewhere, right? Rather than fumbling with loose papers and cramming pens into suit pockets, job seekers can step up their game with a professional, stylish business bag. It might not sound like the most exciting present, but you’d be surprised by the difference an organizational tool like a business bag or briefcase can make. This is a great way to give a gift that’s both practical and fashionable.
Professional Resume Services
While individual effort and peer review can go a long way towards crafting a top notch resume, we all could use some professional help from time to time. There are plenty of employment professionals available for hire whose job it is to review resumes and offer insights into content and design improvements. Consider connecting the job seeker in your life to support from the pros this year.
Business Cards
Business cards are not just for the employed; they can be aspirational, too! Meeting new people and expanding your professional network can be key to finding a new opportunity. Those looking for something new can instantly look more polished by having professional cards printed with their name, contact information and area of professional focus. This is a great gift idea that most job seekers probably wouldn’t think to order for themselves!
Dinner and a Show
The process of finding a job can be tedious and exhausting. On top of all of that, if your source of income is precarious at the moment, it can be difficult to find time for fun. Treat the job seeker in your life to a night on the town! It doesn’t need to break the bank, and you can guarantee they’ll enjoy the break.
It’s the season of giving, and even the smallest gesture can have a major impact. A gift of support can breathe new life into a job seeker’s search for a new opportunity. Will you be a job seeker Santa this holiday season? We’d love to hear any gift ideas you have in the comment section below!