business attire in summerSummer unofficially started this week, and you have probably started digging out your warm-weather clothes for this weekend’s barbeques, pool parties and get-togethers. You *might* be tempted to repurpose those sandals for work or try to pull off those khaki shorts in the office, but before you do, check out our top summer wardrobe tips to help you stay professional:

  • Do your due-diligence – HR has probably sent a memo about summer attire reminders; make sure you recheck your email and read it. If they have not, consider emailing them or your boss to get clear guidelines on what is and is not appropriate to wear in the office.
  • No flip-flops – These shoes are great for the pool, but not for work.
  • Appropriate hemlines – Ladies, avoid dresses and skirts that are shorter than knee-length.
  • Add some color – Leave the black for winter and brighten up your summer days with more color.
  • Watch out for lighter fabrics – Light fabric might feel better when it’s hot outside, but it can also wrinkle easily and sometimes be a little see-through.
  • Sleeveless shirts? – The straps of you shirt should always be an appropriate width. Never wear a spaghetti-strap shirt to the office.
  • Think layers – It’s hot outside, but the AC is on full blast. Bring a jacket or cardigan with you to the office, so you’re comfortable with both.
  • Jeans on Friday? No holes or frays – If you have a summer dress code that allows for jeans on Fridays, don’t abuse it by coming in with holes and frays.
  • Stay polished – It’s easier said than done on the really muggy, hot days, but remember, you’re coming to work, so you should always be tidy.
  • When in doubt, don’t wear it – It’ always better to be safe than sorry!

We all tend to relax more in the summer. However, it’s not a green light to wear whatever you want to work, so keep these tips in mind!
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