Have you ever heard the saying “A clear desk means a clear mind?”  Corny?  Maybe.  But there is some truth to the adage.  People who are notoriously messy are at risk for causing more damage than just aggravating their cube neighbors.  An unkempt workplace can actually be disruptive to day-to-day office functions and productivity.  Messes can cause distractions from the tasks at hand and stress when you don’t know the proper location of important items.  Clutter can also cause anxiety or the feeling of being overwhelmed for not only the messy culprit, but those surrounding them.  Those who think “their desk is their problem” are looking at things through too narrow of a scope.  It goes beyond issues of moving candy wrappers to get to your keyboard, or finally washing your coffee mug; it can actually spread to issues of office efficiency, health and even liability.
The article below, “The Importance of a Clean Workplace- For your Money, Your Image, and Your Health” does an excellent job outlining the importance of a clean workspace BEYOND just the cubicle, and highlights the potential issues associated with messes at work that are often times overlooked. If you are guilty of office clutter, it’s time to give your work space a little spit shine!  You may be amazed at how refreshing it is to be able to focus on your work rather than swatting at fruit flies!

The Importance Of A Clean Workplace – For Your Money, Your Image and Your Health
In the grand scheme of your business, a clean and hygienic office can often be overlooked.
Unfortunately, when it comes to a clean office office, a few anti-bacterial wipes are just not going to cut it. Your office/desk can become an incubator for germs if you’re lax about cleaning it. Just look at it this way: even if you have a business comprised of two or three employees, think of all the germs that they’re exposed to on their way to work – especially if they use public transportation.   In fact, a recent investigation into risks for daily transportation commuters revealed that “experts in virology believe poor ventilation and a lack of space can make some forms of public transport a fertile breeding ground (for germs).” These germs won’t stay on buses either; each employee can carry germs to your own office and leave them on everything they touch, which exposes everyone to nasty bugs like the cold and flu. No one wants to push an elevator button that has the flu germ all over it.
Want some more reasons why a clean workplace is important for your business?  A clean office protects your professional image. If you’ve got clients or business partners who make regular visits to your office, the last thing you want them noticing is a workplace filled with cluttered desks or a break room with a peculiar smell. Above all, you don’t want any clients or professional peers ending up sick because of a meeting in your office.
A clean office will project the image of a tidy, productive, and accomplished business – which is exactly what you want your clients or partners to think. Your workplace should reflect who you are as a business owner and what you want for your company.A clean office prevents lawsuits. Sounds like a big conclusion to make, but the logic is absolutely true: when you have a clean and hygienic office, you’re protecting your employees and clients from any kind of safety hazards that may lead to nasty lawsuits. For example, if a spill wasn’t properly mopped up or a piece of equipment was leaned haphazardly against a wall, you run a serious risk of having your workers and associates fall victim to these safety traps. Let’s face it – in today’s lawsuit-happy society, the last thing you want for your business is a pending suit, as it can damage both your company’s financial assets and your own personal reputation.
A hygienic office will protect your finances. As illustrated above, a clean workplace can protect you from the financial strains of a lawsuit. But did you know that a clean and hygienic office will also make your employees happy and more focused?   Protect your company’s assets by keeping your office clean: your employees -and the productivity of your business – will thank you for it.