Recap: Medix Technology at the KLAS Research Arch Collaborative Learning Summit 2022

Perspective from the Medix Technology Team

Each year, the KLAS Research Arch Collaborative hosts a learning summit. The goal is clear. The Arch Collaborative is a group of healthcare organizations committed to improving the EHR experience by addressing the most pressing challenges in healthcare IT. As KLAS puts it, “this summit aims to bring together healthcare leaders to discuss those problems and collaborate on best practices to meet those challenges for them.”

The KLAS Research Arch Collaborative Learning Summit 2022

For our team, attending the 2022 Arch Collaborative Learning Summit was an eye-opening experience. While virtual conferences in recent years have allowed for knowledge sharing to occur with the help of technology, there is truly nothing quite like the experience of in-person collaboration. Given the sheer number of HIT leaders we heard from over the course of two days, it’s no surprise that this year represented the largest learning summit to date. 

Over 200 representatives from large health systems, academic institutions, children’s hospitals, ambulatory care groups, community and mid-sized hospitals arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah with a shared mission. We were all there to discuss the complex problems associated with electronic health records (EHR). Speakers spoke on critical topics, including running ambulatory sprints, leveraging super users, building and enhancing training programs, patient-first accessible care, using personalization to improve the EHR experience and establishing a governance process to streamline operations. 

The Medix Technology Experience

Our team was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present during a breakout session of our own alongside our partners from HonorHealth. The presentation, “Going from Measurement to Project Plan,” featured insights from Craig Norquist, CMIO at HonorHealth, Dr. Brian Patty, Medix Technology, and Jason Kulaga, EHR Solutions Practice Leader at Medix Technology. While sharing our perspectives on project planning in EHR was a wonderful experience, the conversations sparked by attendees to our session were even more impactful. 

In short, the main takeaways from this year’s summit were clear. Staffing shortages and clinician burnout continue to be the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. These challenges might seem insurmountable were it not for the spirit of the collaborative we felt during our time in Utah. Leaders from organizations of all shapes and sizes were quick to share their best practices. Lessons learned were offered up without a second thought. In other words, everyone in attendance was there to showcase ways to enhance the caregiver EHR experience – all with the patient in mind first and foremost. 

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