DIA 2022 Takeaways from the Medix Life Sciences Team

Perspective from the Medix Life Sciences Team 

After years of virtual events and digital networking, we were excited to have the opportunity to attend the DIA 2022 Global Annual Meeting in-person with our Medix Life Sciences teammates. Leaders representing the global scientific community gathered in Chicago, Illinois (which just so happens to be the home of Medix headquarters) for five days of knowledge sharing, connecting and collaboration. 

As we met with thought leaders from across the world, two key trends emerged as regular themes of our conversations. Here’s the key takeaways we identified during our experience at this year’s DIA events: 

Trending at DIA 2022

  1. A Tight Talent Market is Affecting Clinical Trials. The theme of “restocking the pond” was echoed in meetings and breakout sessions across the conference. As indicated by the Great Resignation, there’s been a major shift in the balance of supply and demand in the job market. Clinical research is not immune to the effects of this shifting market. Now, it is imperative that clinical research organizations focus on attracting talent with non-traditional backgrounds into the research industry. Through mentorship initiatives, development programs and more creative talent programs, research teams have the opportunity to grow the next generation of scientific talent. Otherwise, these employers risk leaving clinical sites critically understaffed.
  2. Decentralized Trials and Patient Access. With new therapies going into clinical trials, more and more sponsors are focusing on creative ways to widen patient accessibility to these opportunities. In part due to the industry’s response to COVID-19, clinical research has been broadly adapting to the idea of home health visits, telehealth visits, at home patient devices and more solutions that meet the patient on their terms. Continuing to increase the accessibility of trials to those not currently living in major metropolitan areas will have a large impact on the future of research and patient care. 

Reflecting on DIA’s Global Annual Meeting

In short, those of us who attended the DIA 2022 Global Annual Meeting agreed that our industry is currently faced with complex challenges. A dwindling talent supply is running up against a new found growth in the number and types of clinical trials being made available to patients worldwide. For us to meet these challenges together, we must be prepared to cultivate the next generation of scientific talent. COVID-19 may have kept us socially distanced, but it also reminded the world of the power of clinical research to make a positive impact in the lives of patients. 

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