It’s been said time and time again, but the average individual spends more time at work than at home with family and friends, so it stands to good reason that making nice with those you spend countless hours with would be natural. After all, who wants to go to work with a bunch of trolls? But befriending your colleague should not be about having an ally in the never-ending game of office politics. Studies show that having a true inner office BFF is important for a number of reasons, some of which benefit the employee, and all of which benefit a company’s bottom line.
1. Improves and Increases Employee Engagement
Did you know that one of the number one reasons for dissatisfaction in the workplace is a lack of feeling like an employee belongs? When an individual doesn’t have a sense of greater purpose, he or she often feels less engaged and motivated at work. Having friends in the workplace creates comradery and gives and individual a reason to do his or her best from 9 -5.
2. Relives Stress
Let’s face it, sometimes work is stressful. As much as we all wish we spent 40+ hours a week eating candy and napping in pods, work is usually about deadlines, reports and meetings. Sometimes individuals just need a bestie who understands their perspective and can be a confidant in a chat about leadership and job duties.
3. Leads to More Productive Employees
Companies spend big bucks to learn the secrets to motivating employees and getting the most productivity from their workforce. Who knew it would be as simple as ensuring employees find a friend or two in the cubby next to them? That’s right, employees who have besties at work are more productive and motivated to cross off their to-do list than employees whose sole purpose at work is to simply go through the motions.
4. Decreases Employee Turnover
As you might have expected, when employees become friends with other colleagues, they are substantially less likely to accept external job offers (even for more money) at the risk of losing their friendships or not finding new friends at other opportunities. And as we all know, replacing employees doesn’t come cheap to companies. What does this mean for you and your company? Time to break out the chocolate cake to celebrate a lot more work anniversaries!
It doesn’t come as a surprise that friendship is the third level of human needs on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Finding others to relate with and creating meaningful friendships is important in a number of different ways, especially in the workplace.