communicate as a leaderWhether it’s a disconnect with policies, a difference in procedures, or even inconsistencies in day-to-day life within the office, communication gaps can have negative consequences on your team. As a leader, it is up to you to find these issues and resolve them. What the best way to do so? Get your team to communicate more efficiently with YOU. Follow these three simple tips:
Be Open         
Your team will be far more likely to communicate with you if they know you’re receptive. Remember, different personality types communicate differently, so be accommodating and have options for your team. Offer time for those who wish to speak face-to-face with you, as well as an anonymous channel, like a survey, for those who would be uncomfortable with a conversation. 
Be Honest 
Teammates always appreciate honesty in a leader! If they feel like you’re only good for a canned corporate statement, they are not going to talk to you nor take what you have to say seriously.
Take Action
Last but not least, always take action. If your teammate has specific feedback on an issue you can impact, do your part in correcting it. This will prove to your team that you hear them, appreciate what they have to say and respect them enough to act.
Poor communication between you and your teammates is a fixable problem, so remember this advice, and get ready to make a difference!
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