dream job“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney
As people, we are continually evolving, and many of us are not where we hope to be in our careers quite yet. Here’s the good new – you have the power to change that! Whether you’re wanting to climb the corporate ladder or change career paths, it’s time to take control! Medix Leaders Scott and Jordan offered their advice on how to take the reins and move your career in the direction you want to see it go: 
Find an Opportunity
“Think of your career as if you are a running back in football,” said Scott, Director of Corporate Operations. “You start with a scripted play but you have to keep your eyes open and run to where you have the best opportunity to gain yards.”
“In business, get to know your co-workers, what they do and how they do it. Also, get acquainted with your organization’s strategic goals. Finally, share your thoughts and ideas with your mentors and leadership,” said Scott. “Proactive conversations facilitate thoughts, generate ideas and demonstrate engagement, which is contagious. Never think of your career in linear terms, because once the quarterback hands you the ball, you get to decide where to run.”
Know Your Skills and Where You Can Add Value
“With the limited hours everyone has and the continued specialization of career paths, nobody is going to be able to cover everything,” said Brian, Chief Financial Officer. “Knowing what you can excel at and where to find support for your weaknesses will ultimately lead you to success much faster than trying to juggle everything yourself.”
Stay Motivated, and Work Hard
“Work can be hard – that’s why they call it work! Throughout your career, you will undoubtedly encounter situations that will test your patience, challenge you, and push you to grow as a professional and as an individual,” said Jordan, Director of Marketing. “Remember to take these situations in stride, and treat each one a learning and development opportunity. Working hard and staying motivated and focused is paramount for achieving your goals.”
You can impact your career more than you think. Take action today, and get ready for transition!
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