Job hunting in the summerIt’s finally summer! Among hot days, vacation, family get-togethers and the desire to relax, summer can be a tricky season for job searching. In fact, some say job seekers should just take the season off. We believe that’s a mistake, so here are some tips for a successful summertime job hunt:
Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities 
Networking opportunities are everywhere in the summer! Not only do professional groups and organizations typically host outings and various events this time of year, but you can create your own opportunities, as well! Going to your friend’s wedding this weekend? What about that upcoming family reunion? Talk to others, get to know them and share the fact you’re a job seeker. You never know – your great aunt’s daughter-in-law’s friend could work in your industry and know about open positions. 
Keep a Schedule
How would you rather spend your day – lounging by the pool or editing your resume? Yes, working on the tan does sound more fun than working on the resume. As a job seeker, you should strive for balance. You can’t lie around every day, or summer will end, and you still won’t have a job. On the flip side, you can’t sit inside applying to jobs 12 hours every day, or you will quickly get burnt out. Find that happy medium, and stick to it.
Mind Your Wardrobe
Summer wardrobes tend to be more casual, so sometimes it takes a special point to be professional. Despite the temperature, still put on that suit for your interviews. Ladies, it might be tempting to wear the cute, strappy shoes, but you should still wear the conservative, closed-toed heels. Regardless of the season, job seekers should always dress professionally.
Be Patient
According to American Express, 75 percent of Americans are planning a summer getaway this year. It’s likely that the hiring managers you’ll deal with are part of this figure, so you must remain patient. You should certainly follow up when it seems necessary, but don’t get discouraged or frustrated if you don’t immediately hear back. Furthermore, stay flexible and work around any traveling conflicts your hiring manager may have. Trust us, he/she will appreciate the understanding!
Summer is a favorite season for many, and as a job seeker, you have the opportunity to set your search up for a successful season. Best of luck!
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