To say we’re a connected society is an understatement. As an example to illustrate, let’s consider that fitness tracker on your wrist (if you’re into working out). It’s connected to an app on your smartphone that tracks your goals; said app then allows you to share your progress on social media and that virtual group/challenge you put together that are both full of family, friends and colleagues. One action, like walking a mile, is potentially known by dozens of people from every facet of your life in an instant.
Another example is the office – do you every *really* leave the office once you turn off the light and lock the door behind you? Between email on your phone and colleagues an app away, probably not. Our connected society is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are consequences associated. Possibly the greatest threats it poses to our careers are a disruption of our work-life-balance, lower job satisfaction, burn out and lower productivity.
The best solution? Start making the habit of unplugging! Does that sound impossible? Well, let’s start small. Unplug tonight!
Instead of staying late in the virtual office, you can…

  • Attend that exercise class you’ve been skipping.
  • Try a new restaurant in your neighborhood with your significant other.
  • Call your parents or siblings to catch up.
  • Take your dog for a walk since spring finally feels like it’s on its way.
  • Uncork that bottle of wine and watch a few episodes of your favorite show you’ve been saving.
  • Hit the theater and finally see that award-nominated movie.
  • Try out that recipe that’s been sitting on your Pinterest board.
  • Or simply take a breather and rest up for the remainder of the week.

Doesn’t that sounds more refreshing than refreshing your email all night? You’ll thank yourself for taking time away from the “office” tonight, trust us!