Summertime can intensify long job searches because tons of candidates are on the hunt! You might hit the job search wall and need something to help you stay focused. Instead of aimlessly going through the motions, find ways to take enjoyable breaks! Here are some tips to help keep your motivation as high as the temperatures this summer:
Broaden Your Horizons
A great way to mix up a job search is to take a break and research a new piece of culture! Whether it’s taste testing Thai cuisine, reading up on Middle Eastern Music or immersing yourself in European Art, experiencing something new might help you discover a new perspective. After all, opening up your mind to new ideas and trying your best to understand people with backgrounds different than your own can be beneficial in a job search, and in your future career. How many times do workers run into language barriers or mistake social cues simply because of a culture difference? Studying an unfamiliar background enhances communication skills, creates new ways of thinking and serves as an entertaining way to enhance your empathetic skills.
Summer School
Two words that you never thought would go together are, “summer” and “school”, right? Before you have flashbacks to making up classes in a stuffy school house, consider the impact continued education in something you are passionate about might have on your search. Stay energized throughout your job search by taking class that actually interests you! There are a ton of ways to enhance various professional skills through online coursework, weekend workshops and traditional classes. Take this time to invest in a communication class, computer proficiency class or even creative writing to stay sharp!
The job search is isolating and can wear on you because of the need to constantly self-evaluate. When the warm weather and tireless search efforts become overwhelming, try instead looking outward and volunteering in your community. The sense of satisfaction that comes from helping others can actually relieve some of the stress and boost positive thinking! Designating one or two days a month to volunteer hours will help take your mind off of the task at-hand, while making a difference that you will be proud of. Not to mention, regular volunteering can help you hone time management skills along the way; balancing time between job searching and volunteering helps maintain a commitment to schedule keeping.
Become One with Yourself
No one’s list of top hobbies includes aimlessly scrolling through job boards, mastering interviews, perfecting your resume, and always having your professional game-face on. Especially during the warm months, do yourself a favor and take some time to focus on a favorite hobby that can ease some of the pressure. Summer is the perfect time to take up an outside activity such as running, meditating or gardening. Whatever your choice of activity may be, be sure to set goals for yourself as well, because this practice can prepare you for the job search and a future career. Hobbies allow us to enjoy ourselves and reach little goals at the same time without even realizing it!
Stay Social
In order to maintain a healthy balance between hours spent alone finding a job and making time for outside connection, try joining a club! If you’re interested in exercising, try a running club; if reading is more intriguing, then start a book club. Meeting new people is a great way to network in a professional sense, and it can also create a new circle of friends who enjoy the same things you do!
Summer is the most difficult time of the year to stay focused, but if you step outside of your comfort zone and participate in activities that truly interest you, the job search will be a lot easier to get through! Don’t forget: every activity that engages you will be beneficial  along the career path, whether it gives you an example for the interview room or forms a unique bond with a future employer.
Do you have another way to stay motivated this summer? Share your job seeker tips below!