Whether you’re looking to lose some weight, save more money, become more productive or take your career to the next level, a solid New Year’s Resolution is a good place to start. However, will you still be committed once February 1 comes? Right now, you may be saying, “Yes, of course!” But as the month passes by, determination can easily waiver. Here are five tips to keep your commitment strong:
Stay Realistic
Setting an overly lofty goal can be like setting yourself up for failure. Stay realistic, because the more attainable a goal seems, the easier it will be for you to reach it.
Outline Plans
Right now, your resolution may look like this giant mountain that you need to climb, and you don’t know where to start. If you outline your plans to accomplish your goal, that mountain suddenly looks less challenging.
Be Held Accountable
Sometimes holding ourselves accountable is not enough! Share your plans with a friend or family member, so he/she can keep you accountable by encouraging you to stay on track or asking how your progress is going.
Keep Track
Tracking your progress toward your goal is a great motivator. For example, if you keep good track of everything, you’ll be able to say to yourself, “I’m x% of the way there; why would I quit now?”
Reward Yourself!
Lastly, be sure to reward yourself for milestones reached. Changing an aspect of your life is hard, so keep celebrating the little accomplishments along the way!
2016 is in full swing, and we hope it’s off to a great start for you! Share your resolution or additional advice below in the comments.