What is the single scariest word you can think of? For some, the word “spider” might make their skin crawl. For others, simply hearing about a “ghost” sends shivers down their spines. However, when it comes to those of us looking for a new job, one word stands out among the rest as the spookiest, scariest and most downright terrifying term – “resume.” 
This might seem silly to some. After all, a resume is just a document that lists a job seeker’s contact information, experience, education and skills. Yet, while it might not have fangs or go bump in the night, a resume can still be a scary thing to think about. Job seekers have surely heard horror stories about resume mistakes that have ruined job opportunities. Between each employers’ expectations, the unwritten rules of resume writing and common errors, there’s a lot to keep in mind! 

That’s why we’ve compiled the five scariest resume mistakes most job seekers make. Are you ready to overcome your job search fears and put together a scary good resume? 

Silly Typos

First and foremost, job seekers must make sure that their resume is free of typos before sending it to a potential employer. A minor typing or grammatical error might not seem like much, but it can stick out like a sore thumb to the person reviewing your information. Don’t let a silly mistake take the focus off of what you have to offer! Make sure your resume is error-free by reviewing it yourself and having someone you trust proofread it before submitting. 

Contact Information is Incorrect

How many different email addresses and phone numbers have you had in the last ten years? While it’s common to change these things every now and then, you never want to accidentally include outdated information on a resume. Being rejected for your dream job is bad, but missing out on an opportunity because the message saying, “You’re hired!” sat unread in an old email inbox is even worse. Ensure you’re alerted of the latest updates throughout the employment process by only using the most up-to-date contact information on your resume. 

Action Verbs are Missing

When you think of excitement, a resume might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, action verbs can go a long way towards bringing the story of your career to life. If you find yourself using the phase “responsible for” to start every entry in the experience section, consider spicing things up with a variety of more interesting verbs (We’ve even got a helpful list for you right here!) Afterall, the thought of your resume putting an employer to sleep is pretty darn scary! 


You know how in some horror movies, the monster just seems to keep coming back over and over again no matter what the heroes try to do to stop it? Unfortunately, that’s what it’s like when recruiters read the same words over and over again on resumes. From “people person” to “hard worker,” if you find yourself repeating words on your resume, it’s time to add some variety to the mix! 

Your File Name

After all of the time you put into perfecting your resume, it would be a shame if something as simple as the file name disqualified you. However, as more and more resumes are being accepted via online platforms, this seemingly minor detail is becoming an essential part of the review process. It’s common for most of us to use placeholder titles for files as they’re being worked on, like, “Andy’s Super Cool Resume Version 15.” While that’s fine for your eyes only, it doesn’t look great to employers. Before clicking that upload button, be sure to title your resume in a professional way.

Thinking about writing your resume might be scary at first, but by keeping the most common mistakes in mind, you’re well on your way to overcoming your fears and landing a new job! If you’re ready to send your resume to companies that are hiring right now, check out our careers page to connect with our team of recruiters today! Click here to get started.