The sports movies we love to watch are much more than a simple comedies that provide us a few laughs here and there. Hiding within these movies are influential lessons on the basics of working as a team, and these lessons can help us to think of teamwork in the office a little differently. Here are four classic movies that teach us the importance of working together:

1.     The Average Joes – Identify a Common Goal

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story is a sports movie about a group of misfits who belong to the same gym and happen to have the same goal. What is this goal, you ask? To be the champions of a dodgeball tournament that will squash the threat of foreclosure of their precious gym, of course! Despite being a light-hearted comedy, Dodgeball hits hard with some serious teamwork lessons. The Average Joe’s set their goal and learn to work together as a well-oiled machine on the way to an epic victory in the end. Even if you don’t have a quirky gym to fight for, having a clear vision of what your team needs to accomplish is essential in teamwork.

2.     The Little Giants – Get Committed

The Little Giants may be a children’s favorite about an oddball peewee football team coming together to compete against their elite rivals, but that doesn’t mean the teamwork lessons aren’t killer! Identifying your vision or goal is certainly important, but getting everyone on board to commit to the project is the next most important step. Commitment means sticking to the work at hand and never giving up. This is exactly what the Little Giants did when they committed to practicing as a team for a whole year in preparation for the big game. Each team member should individually commit to their own work and encourage other members to stay on track with their work as well.   

3.     The Mighty Ducks – Build Trust

The Mighty Ducks is yet another sports movie about a shabby youth hockey team that somehow ends up in last place of their league every year. The movie has powerful lessons about how the Ducks must learn to put trust in their new coach if they want to stand a chance next to the better teams. Relationships on any team are especially important because a team has to cooperate and work together to achieve a goal. This means getting to know everyone on a personal and professional level For example, my team gets to know one another is through sharing our “wins of the week” during scheduled meetings. Each person on the team shares their biggest accomplishments for week in work or in their personal life. Knowing and trusting your teammates will improve the overall quality of work.

4.     The Sandlot – Celebrate Success

The Sandlot is a classic about a group of young boys who love to learn the ins-and-outs of baseball by getting together for pick-up games. The Sandlot team can teach us about the importance of everyday recognition. Despite all of the mischievous activities they got themselves into, such as losing a baseball signed by THE Babe Ruth to “The Beast” or tricking a pretty lifeguard into giving mouth-to-mouth, the group always celebrated small victories. Recognizing victories, small and large, can have a significant impact on a team. This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; in fact, sending a sincere “congratulations” email or providing a small treat for your team can really work wonders. This will drive employee engagement and build confidence!
At the end of the day (or game), your teammates will have your back no matter what. As long as you put in the effort, follow these simple guidelines and remember the lessons that our favorite teams have taught us, your team will surely be a success. Do you have any input on teamwork? Please share below: