Summertime really is the perfect season for a holiday. Think about it; we’ve collectively decided that we like Independence Day so much, we give it a three day weekend! It’s a time of celebration and reflection that means so many different things to each American.
In honor of America’s birthday weekend, we’re checking in with four Medix teammates from across the United States to learn their favorite things about the Fourth of July:
“My favorite part of the 4th of July Holiday is getting the chance to spend time with friends and family…out in California. Here in Arizona, not much typically goes on due to the 120 degree weather, so lots of folks (or maybe it’s just me!) seem to travel out of town, either to the beach or just generally up north, to beat the heat!”
Chad, Account Executive, Scottsdale
“My favorite part about this upcoming Fourth of July weekend is that I get to be Patriotic! I’ll be wearing my favorite American Flag boardies while I race down a Slip-n-Slide and get my tan on out here in beautiful, sunny So Cal!”
CJ, Recruitment Advisor, Orange County
“What better way to commemorate freedom and independence than spending time with family and friends. One of my favorite things to do after a fun day in the sun, barbequing and pool time is to create a small fireworks show with sparklers for the kids. Their excitement and laughter, and the fun we share, is bar none!”
Sandra, Senior Manager of Talent Innovation, Chicago
“This 4th of July I am EXCEPTIONALLY thankful and excited to be able to spend it camping alongside my hubby, who is back from deployment. Working for a company that is so tied to supporting our armed forces always gives great perspective, but this past year, I gained a brand new appreciation on the sacrifices our troops make in the name of freedom. So bring on the s’mores, hot dogs and fireworks- this calls for a celebration!”
Jordan, Director of Marketing, Chicago