Employee Appreciation Day is coming up, and there’s no better time to show your coworkers some love. However, as the offices we work in and the workforces we’re a part of rapidly evolve, the ways we show appreciation for a job well done are changing, too.
If you’re looking for a way to say thanks that goes beyond a pat on the back, consider these ideas to show the team you work with a little love on Employee Appreciation Day:

  1. Write handwritten cards citing specific examples of workplace awesomness.
  2. Bring in office-favorite treats, keeping in mind any allergies or dietary preferences.
  3. Make a special shout to the team at large or leaders during a meeting or via email to highlight achievements.
  4. Take some extra time for a morning coffee trip together.
  5. Come together for a team lunch (and talk about anything other than work for a change)!
  6. Bring in a guest speaker to share an uplifting message.
  7. Surprise the office with desk decorations, like balloons and streamers, celebrating the occasion.
  8. Two words: Gift cards.
  9. Offer a half-day, if your company’s schedule allows for it.
  10. Take the team out for a happy hour! This isn’t alcohol-exclusive, either; ice cream, anyone?
  11. Employee Appreciation Day = Casual Friday
  12. Take on a few of your coworkers regular tasks for the day.
  13. Order personalized gifts for your team. Who doesn’t love a cool t-shirt or mug decorated with inside jokes?
  14. Cover computer screens with encouraging sticky notes like, “you rock!”
  15. Sleeping-in leads to smiles. Why not make today a late start for everyone?
  16. Get everyone up and moving with office Olympics! Create a tournament and let the office cut loose competing in activities like ping-pong or classic video games.
  17. Create a personalized digital card to send via email using pictures of your coworkers.
  18. Take a field trip. Is there a rentable office space with a view you’ve been admiring for a while? How about a beautiful setting for a walking meeting? Now’s the time to treat your team to a change in scenery.
  19. Who doesn’t love a good movie day? Show team favorites on a common room TV and allow people to come and go throughout the day as a break from the usual routine.
  20. Highlight success stories on the company website and/or social media channels.
  21. Did you know massage therapists make office calls? A relaxed team is an appreciated team.
  22. Make a donation to the cause/charity of the employee’s choice.
  23. Get in early and high-five every single employee as they enter the office.
  24. Create “little win” awards. The idea behind these mini trophies or certificates is to celebrate the small things your teammates do better than anyone else. For example, someone can receive, “Best at Making Coffee” while someone else might win the honor of, “Most Beauteous Spreadsheets.”
  25. Go beyond just one day! What appreciation programs can you implement for year-long involvement? Now is the perfect time to roll out something new!

When it comes to thanking employees, the possibilities are endless! What’s your favorite way to show employee appreciation? Post your ideas in the comments section below.